Friday, August 31, 2007

Okay, a few things to share with you...

First off, my friend lost her father the other day... I am sorry Kim B. {{{{HUGZ}}}} go out to you and yours at this time of need... My heart is with you and Rog and the kids, my friend...

Secondly, my wrist is feeling better and thank you, for asking...:0) The thing is I was in an auto accident 7 years ago and had ended up having surgery on it... I broke my elbow and tore out my wrist all at once...:0( I know now not to hold on to those handle's in the truck that are above the door while riding in the truck... I now know why guys call them O.S. handles now... heehehe And even though I tend not to use those words I am sure I wanted to say them more than once that day...:0) I will always have issues with my wrist as it tends to get achy now from weather changes... LOL And I always thought that my grandparents to be nutty for saying the rain is coming my such and such is hurting me...hehehehe Oh, great I am not even 35 yet and my such and such is hurting me... LOL What will it be like when I am old?... hehhehe

Third, My DH is an artist of another kind...LOL He is more of a realistic artist for those of you that do not know me and are new to my blog this may come as a shock... Now, no flames please.... He is a taxidermist and a great one at that... He has won many ribbons and trophies for his work and not just at the state level... He mostly works on fish any more and, well, If I do say so myself he is really good at what he does... But, I love to get his insight on my crafts so, really I ask for it when I ask for his opinion on my work...LOL So, try and be kind to him as we work with totally different mediums for our art... But, them again I have found a few of his things work great for my card making and scrapbooking... hehehehe He is also my best friend in the whole world and I adore him... Sssshhhh

That is it for now, I am working on a few thing for the blog and will post more when I can... But, I tend to not write all that much so, today is a little getting to know me blogger....LOL Okay, how many of you do I still have with me?.... LOL I am sure you all stopped reading it at the word taxidermist up above...:0) Oh well, I hope that you will still come back a visit as much as you can... Thanx, for stopping by:0)

reflections:0) A.K.A. Flexie:0)

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Linda M. said...

Ok, Flexie........what does he use that YOU can use?! Inquires minds want to know.

I am working on your stamps images for you........Honest, I am. Life has been hectic lately.