Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doing well!

Each day that goes by I am very thankful for I am back to walking three to five times a week I do two to four miles each time I even have gotten beloved back out there and walking again. :0)
I have lost ten pounds since the first of the year and that is great because, while being sick and right before I knew I was sick I had put some of that hard to lose weight I had taken off back on. :0(

Sis got me a bodymeida for Christmas it is like a diet buddy for me keeps me in check I feel it on my arm and I am like no I don't want to eat that or, did you walk yet? And then it gets me up and going or it stops me from putting junk in my mouth....

My sister-in law does not get it she thinks it's dumb but she has never had a weight issue in her life she is so skinny that I don't think she could eat a peanut and not have it show in her tummy. LOL No she really is thin and I know that we all see or fat and flaws in our own way but, a little support would be nice she does give me some support but, not doing a poo poo dance on my new found help would be awesome as well.

What is that saying walk a mile in my shoes.

Sorry, I have not been making anything new to show you but, My health has taken the front seat for now I will get back to making things as soon as I feel like I have a firm foot hold again. Because crafting makes me really happy but for now getting life back on track is what matters to me...

Thank you for stopping by...