Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The changes life has brought to me.

I love reading about everyone getting back to what they love to do. I have had a lot of up's and down's in the last three years but always try to remain positive about all of it. I trained last year to do a half marathon and it was the best thing I ever did for myself it felt great to cross that finish line. 
I will be missing my 10K in a week so that I can heal the right way the first time. Two years ago my niece got me into doing my first race it was a 5K and since then I have built up and kept walking I am a total walker not a runner. 

A little over three years ago I woke up after missing almost a full week of my life cognitively, my brain was herniated and sick with possible meningitis before I got sick I was on my treadmill daily doing four miles in an hour walking. I never once ventured out onto the course with my sister, niece and friends because I am obese and was afraid of what others would say if they seen me but then one day after my cranny my niece said just come and do it who cares it's for you no one else she was so right. 
So after a month of meds for healing from the brain infection and then having the bi-frontal craniotomy and many more weeks of healing I went for it and did that first 5K. Six months after my cranny surgery my DH had a cranny for a tumor. Then a little over year later he and many others he worked with where given less than a months notice that they where all being laid off due to budget cuts. Life was going well even without him working and then this! lol
We went to the OBGYN thinking we had miscarried a baby only to be told that what my body had expelled was a uterine polyp. Sadness and relief at the same time because I always wanted to be a mom but was relief because it was just a polyp. The OB gave us the choice to have it tested because we have no insurance. I am self employed and my husband is still out of work. The dr said it looked ok to her but it was our choice. I took one look at my DH and said test it. It came back as uterine cancer the OB was shocked and sent it for more tests before she called me to tell me. Then like most I asked what next and we went for OBGYN oncologist apt's and got a date for surgery had it and now I am on to the healing part of life cancer free for now. I hope that the uterine cancer does not return ever! I am healing and taking everyday as it comes making the most of them. 
I wish you all a very happy recovery and hope that you all are back to what you enjoy most soon!!!
Sorry this is so long my heart just needed a place to rejoice today over all that I have and give hope to those that need it!