Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink roll...LOL

While I had the pink out making my "Think Pink" card I was on a roll and ran with the pink thing... I came up with this little beauty too... It really could be used for almost any occasion... TFL
Stamps: Autumn Leaves, Swirls; Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts, Dragonfly
Ink: Colorbox, Velvet
Fiber: unknown, RAK
Silver Sharpie

All month.....

All month "Think Pink" has been on my mind... Well, here is my "Think Pink" card for this month.... I made it very simple, to me the ribbon says it all.... The inside says Think Pink... Did you get them squished? TFL

P.P.: Slab II
Ribbon: M's $1 ribbons
Punch:Fiskars Lg. easy squeeze circle

Happy Mail this week...

Happy mail this week from an on-line friend Linda M. ... Thank you, Linda for the two great cards and for the recipe page... I do not yet have a recipe scrapbook so, now I am on the look out for something that will go with my kitchen decor.... TFL

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Calling Elk image is a fun way to make a fathers day, birthday or, just a simple hello card for any man in your life... I really had a fun time coloring this image and making the antler buttons with my DH.... TY, DH for helping me to make them, they finished the card off just right... TY, to friend and fellow blogger Stacy (JBgreendawn) for the idea on the button's... I had seen them once before but, totally forgotten about them until this year when Stacy had posted some on her blog that a friend had sent to her...TFL

Stamps: Elk, Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts; hello is $1 acrylics, Studio G
Pencils: Prismacolor
Buttons: Deer Antler, Thank you, DH
Leather cord

Updated: the buttons are made of real deer antler. They where cut using a band saw and a small hand drill for the holes...

Monday, October 22, 2007

X-mas bag...

I made this for SOF at 2P's but, seeing as how I have been under the weather I forgot to post it.... TFL

Stamps: Frame of bulbs and sentiment is Auntie Amy's Embossing arts; Lg. bulb around the outside is Anita's
Silver Prismacolor pencil

Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting closer to feeling better....

I am still a little under the weather... But, I am getting closer to feeling better....:0) These are the other three cards that I made for SOF over at 2P's last week be for I got sick and could not play any longer....:0) TFL

The prima's are from a RAK from Andi.... TY, Andi....:0)

Stamps: Bird, M's $1, Studio G on wood; Cake and sentiment Gina K (RAK from Stacy); Bella's (RAK from Stacy) sentiment Studio G ,M's $1 acrylic; Cowboy christmas, Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Inks: Ranger, Van dyke brown, Holiday Vintage season's greetings
Pencils: Prismacolor
Ribbon's: $1 ribbon at M's
Faux ribbon: brown Bazzill card stock
Punch: EK corner rounder without the guide
Circle scallop RAK Stacy

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am back for a bit...

I am not top notch but, I am popping in for a bit today because, I have been dieing to share a few things with you that I made some time ago....:0) Thank you, for the well wishes and the E-mails... The older I get the worst the flu and a cold seem to be... And I am only heading into my mid 30's I hate to see what it will be like when I am older...LOL
Here are a few of the images that I had worked on for Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts design team....
Stamps: All are Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Inks: Ranger, Van Dyke Brown; Versafine, O.B.;Colorbox, Frost white
Pencils: Prismacolor
Ribbon: Wine ribbon's and off white M's $1, Funfur #134, Metallic cord by Needloft
E.P. White, ultra fine clear
Brads: Making memories
Punch: EK, sm. hibiscus flower
Paper: Bazzill

Friday, October 12, 2007

To sick to play...

I will be back as soon as I feel better...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some of the thing you may have seen @ 2P's...

I have been playing this week with thing for the 2P's Stamping challenges for world card making day so, some of the next few post's you may have seen over there.... TFL

Stamps: GinaK Designs, Make a wish this image was a RAK
Leaves, Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Pencils: Prismacolor
H2O's around the edge of image
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Versamark, Ranger, Van Dyke Brown

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Mail...

On-line friends are the best...hehehehehe I have got a awesome group of ladies that I would be happy to call friend any day of the week... I was saying in the post the last time I got happy mail about how Stacy had sent me my very first Primas well, now I have more Primas....
And then one gos and does something like this.... Thank you, Andi....
I now have Flower Power...heheheheheheh

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Skecth's I made for Card day..


What I have been up to for this day...

Coloring 101 with reflections:0)…. A.K.A. Flexie:0)

How do you teach someone something you just do? I was asked to teach you all how I color a stamped image. Well, here are a few pointers that I was given along the way. I give most of the credit to my high school art teacher; he really knew what he was doing.

First off make sure that you are using the best quality equipment that you can afford. For some this will be a package of colored pencils that their kids have left over from last years school supplies. And these are just fine and they will work great.

I used and still will use Prang © pencils when I need to. The lead on these is a bit harder than what I use now.

You can mix and match brands of pencils as well as types it does not have to be all just one brand or, type. I know some artist like to use watercolor pencils over the top of there colored pencils; I have yet to try this.

I have just recently started using Prismacolor © pencils, they have a softer lead, with more wax and it makes for an easy lay down of color. They blend well when the need arises for blending.
I do not do a lot of blending I never have; it is more of a color building for me. One layer and then another. I think that is where some people get lost when coloring in an image.

Okay, now one thing for sure that I can tell you that was told to me is make short strokes when coloring and go in a sort of crosshatch motion. Small crosshatching motions are best very small and tight is what works for me. It takes a lot of practice to learn to do any one thing the way you want to. This did not just happen over night for me and it will not for you either. Well, unless you are just really a natural talent. Some people will find that they would rather just make small short strokes in a straight line and that is fine if it works for you then I say run with it.

I like to start all images differently if it is an open area image I like to do the out lining first and then build inward. This is what I am teaching you today. I will take my lightest color and build from there until I have gotten to my darkest color. Then I like to go back over the whole thing again in the end with the lightest color to fill in and bring it to life.

The color choice is always yours, what you chose color wise and how heavy you place it is up to you. You may chose to start dark and go to light.
I like to start out with a light handed lay down and then add on if I think it needs more. Colors tend to be darker where fabric is gathered or, bunched up as well as an outline that is where I like to make the image darker. Light does not bend so that is why and out line is darker for me.

My teacher told me many times to pick a place that the light is coming from and stick with it. That is what makes an image pop or, come to life and look 3D. I tend to make the light come from the top a lot and also the left. The best way that learned to see the light was on an apple by and open window. You could see just how light would bend and just how it changed the colors you would see. Say if the light was coming from the left the apple would be lighter tons of red with pinks in it and as you got to the bottom and more to the right you would see the color get richer and a bit deeper and darker reds with brown in it.

Tips to try….

To add life to your work, try varying the color intensity in your artwork.
When coloring go back over the darker color with a lighter color to fill in and add a reflective light to it, this is the one thing that I think brings it to life for me.
Make sure to add a good range of values throughout your drawing.

Start off with light pressure when adding layers of color and gradually increase your pressure. Be careful when applying heavy pressure, such as when you burnish or dry emboss.
Beware of over saturating your paper's surface with too much color; the color will start to no longer adhere to the paper's surface. That is when you run into pluming, a build up of waxy looking pencil on the paper.

As for blending that is the one thing that stumps me when to teach you. I guess I kind of burnish my work. I never had any blenders until a month ago when Stacy (JBgreedawn) bought me some and mailed them to me. She had no idea that I did not blend my colorings, she said she was impressed that I got the quality out of my coloring that I did without a blender pencil or pen. In the one of the steps of my tips that I tell you about it is where I go back over the whole piece with the lightest color that is where I blend or burnish so to speak.

Removing colored pencil is not always easy to do. You can try these and see what you like, artist tape, gum eraser, pink eraser, white art erasers, and I have even heard people say adhesive removers on a cotton swap can work.

reflections:0) TFL

********examples to follow********

Supplies List for class….
White card stock
Colored pencils
Blender * Optional
Eraser *Optional

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I did not run away or, fall ill...

I am just busy working on a few things and will be back up and posting soon... I have a few thing I have been working on and will show them to you very soon...

Thank you, for the E-mails asking how I am...:0)

I little something from before Blogging...:0) Our niece got married this year and these are the cards I made her for her shower and there wedding.... TFL