Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bubble day...

I sat down to make this card for an on-line friend that just might be needing a little pick me up... She will soon be getting this in here mail box...

I totally love the way this card came together....:0) I do not have the latest new punch called Ticket punch from S.U., its not like I don't want it... Would you believe that I have never made an S.U. order...hehehe That is right I have been stamping for 14+years and I have never made and S.U. order.... Okay so you are going to ask well how did she do it then.... Here is what I found the other day Pices of Me go ahead and check it out... Thank you, Jen... TFL:0)

Stamps:TAC, retired set called Bubble Over
Ink: Versafine, O.B.
Pencils: Prismacolor
Primas: RAK
Ribbon: Offray
Punch: EK, Ballon
Dollar Tree glitter glue

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all...LOL

I have had to keep this first card under wraps until today....:0) It was in a card contest at the Sunroom Library... But, no longer do I have to keep it off my blog the voting is done now... And I won! Thank you, to all whom voted for me...:0)
So, here is the wining card and the other one was made as its prototype...
The happy Harvest it part of the scarecrow stamp but, I did not like it all together so, I masked it off and then inked it up for the bottom of the card... TFL:0)

Stamps: all Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Pencils: Prismacolor
Ink: Versafine, O.B.; Versamark
Fiber: Unknown from a RAK
Eyelet: Unknown from bulk at CKC
Paper Crimp: Fiskars, wavy

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Mail times four...

It was a big week and I said I would share more later on that well here it is... I have had happy mail coming in for the last week... Oh, what fun new things to play with and things to try out....

One was from Flossie, at Flossies Follies... I won blog candy over at her blog... It was my very first blog candy win...:0)

Second one was a RAK from Stacy, Stacy's Memory Triggers... She sent me some goodies to play with and like I said my very first Primas...:0)

The third one was RAK from Sharon (TOS), an on-line friend....:0) Oh yes, she took pity on me and I now have Pink E.P. .... TY:0) LOL
Do you see the SU boxes in the bottom of the box....:0) I still use these for my UM's and TOS no longer needed them...:0)

And last but not least was from Linda, at Linda's View... It was my Pay it Forward card and images and so much more...:0)
Thank you all...:0)
I had to wait to get my hands on my camera...LOL My DH had been playing with it....TFL:0)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Is less really more?

More fun with my new rubber stamps... I have had such a blast playing with these new stamps that I bought at Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts....
I have made this card two ways is less really more?... I like the embellishment's what do you think? TFL:0)

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Ink: Versafine, O.B.
Pencils: Prsimacolor
H2O's on the water
Primas: White and pink; TY, Stacy for the RAK
Ribbon: Black wal-mart find
Sentiments: from PC

Monday, September 17, 2007

For you?..

A card for an on-line friend whom my need a pick me up....:0) TFL

Stamp: S.U. Sassy Stems; this was a RAK image to me
Colored with: H2O's
Ribbon:Sweet & Sassy $1 M's


I wish I had found the time to stop by over the weekend and post this but, I was having fun packaging fish(hee hee not) and then I went with my SIL for a drive on Sunday, it was a fun little girls day outing....:0) TFL

Stamps: Image, Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts; Sentiments, Studio G $1 Acrylics
Pencils: Prismacolor
H2O's: on duck head, bookend and lamp edge
Inks: Ranger Tim Holtz, V.D.B.; Versafine, O.B.
Fibers: Fancy Fur, Jungle print

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I will have more to share later...

I got to happy mail this week times two... Thank you, Stacy (JBgreedawn, Stacys Memory Triggers) and Flossie (Flossie's Follies)... Stacy sent me some great images to play with as well as my very first Primas:0) and Flossie sent me blog candy that I won over at her site... And she even tossed in a few extras:0) that where not in the candy photo...:0)

I can not stay long as I am up to my elbows in butt's....hehehehe Halibut's and Tuna's to be truthful... My DH and two buddies went out yesterday and caught a boat load of both... He had a grand time... I will be back on later this weekend with a few new cards I have made...:0) For now it is back to the kitchen to cut and package butt's and tuna's....:0)

Thanks for stopping by:0)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Twinkling H2O's...:0)

Oh my, why did you all not tell me sooner to go out and buy these little beauties? I mean really and you call yourselves friends....hehehehhehe I forgive myself, I mean I have read for at least a year (I think) about these...hehehehe

Well, DH and I went shopping the last week one night after work and I asked him to stop by this sweet craft and frames shop before we went to dinner.... Because, we happened to have been one town over and they have some cute things and I hate to pass up a chance to just peek... I do not make it over there to shop very often... All, I have to say is I went in bought one six pack of H2O's and now I want more...:0) The scan does not do this image justice at all.. As many of you know that whom already play with these... Bought the pack with Nutmeg (my favorite), Evening primrose, Fresh oregano, Caribbean mist, Coral berry and Razzleberry... Woo hoo, I need more, is what I said after playing with them...:0) I first stamped the image in Old paper ink from Ranger, then painted it in using H2O's and a water pen from M's the green one.... I masked off all but the water and went back over it with Versafine, O.B. so, that you cloud see the movement of the water that the stamp has to offer... The corners are wire formed into rustic photo corners... Matchbook style card made from Bazzill card stock... TFL

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Inks: Ranger Tim Holtz, Old paper; Versafine, O.B.
Wire: Fun wire 22 gauge
Wired Worker to twist the closure... That is one of those had to have it forgotten tools... I used it....:0)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Loving Memory of all..... 9/11

In loving memory of all whom lost there lives..... Thank you, all for stopping by and Keep all whom are important to you close at heart today... And remember those whom serve and protect us all every day... I made this card some time ago and some of you my have even seen it before but, this is the first time I have put it on my blog... TFL

Stamps: $1 M's, America; Sm. star, POD
Ink: Versafine, O.B.; Colorbox, blue
Ribbon: $1 M's
Tag: Daisy Hill
Brad: Unknown
PP: Memory Stor, Costco pk. hand made papers
Pencils: Prang

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some of that new rubber....

One of those new stamps I just bought from Auntie Amy's Embossing arts... LOL Okay, why is that I did not see that the image was slightly off on it's matting before I scanned it...hehehehe Easy to fix... The tag is suppose to say friendship it is off the computer... TFL:0)

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Ink: Ranger Nick Bantock collection, Chartreuse Leaf
Ribbon: Offray
PP: Memory Stor, Costco pk. hand made papers
Tag: unknown punch from a RAK

More Happy mail....

I got a Pay it Forward in the mail today from wife2tj at If you have not checked out her blog you should... She is really talented and really sweet...:0)

The card I got is so, so cute and all of the images are new to me to play with...:0)

Thank you.... :0)


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Christmas is still a few months away...

Christmas is still a few months away but, I could not wait to play with one of my stamps....:0)
This is an awesome stamp to play with... I can see myself coloring it in and doing even a few more things with it...
Okay, two things to tell you all about... First I got picked up on a design team, that right I am working for rubber...heheheehe I am now a member of Auntie Amy's design team... Thank you, Auntie Amy, I am on cloud nine right now... You can find a link to her site on my side bar...
They have great stamps and other stuff go pop over and check them out...

As if that was not enough I was in chat last night with some friend's and a my pop up window came up telling me I had new E-mail messages... I thought nothing of it and spaced it for a bit... After most of the girls had left and I was just chatting with one friend I told her to go get her craft things out of her craft room that is unattached to her house and that I would stay on-line with her just to make sure she made it back into the house okay... Her family was away for the night and I knew I would sleep better knowing my friend was safe and in her home playing the night away...:0)

Well, when she stepped out to get her stuff I popped over and checked my E-mail's.... These E-mails only made my cloud nine got to over the moon... I got Two message from Gina K. from Gina K. Designs on my blog.... Now you stampers know whom I am talking about as for the rest of you SHE IS AN AWESOME TALENTED LADY IN THE STAMPING WORLD... Yep, I was yelling it...hehehehehe Please forgive me.... It just both these things have made my whole day, week, year that much better....:0) Thanks, for looking... Sorry, I am so giddy....:0)))

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Ink: Ranger's Vintage, Starry Night
Ribbons: $1 from M's
Eyelet: RAK, unknown

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I got happy mail yesterday...:0)

Okay, so I ordered it but, still it was happy mail to me...hehehehe I got my order in from Auntie Amy's I got all but, two of the stamps I ordered they where out of stock... I am so happy can you see me doing the happy dance?....LOL

I will have some time this afternoon to play with some of my new toy's.... So, check back and we will see what I can come up with to share with all of you...

Thanks for stopping by...:0)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My sympathy's are with another friend tonight..

My sympathy's are with another on-line friend tonight, she lost her husband today...:0( My heart is with you and yours in this time of need... TFL

Stamps: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts, Rose's; sentiments, unknown from dollar tree
Punch: EK
Buttons: unknown from wal-mart
Ink's: Versafine, O.B.; Ranger Vintage, sea bright farm

Monday, September 3, 2007

Medallions... Revised

Just playing around with paper and ink... What is new...LOL TFL

Stamp: TAC, retired Grand Medallions
Ink: Versafine, O.B.
Fibers: a mix and match of two ends that where left over...

Embossing: Fiskars texture plates II, Vines
Pencils: Prismacolor

Thanx, for asking Meg...:0)

2 P's sketch Aug. week # 5...

Well, it is not exactly the same as the sketch but, it is my take on it... We are getting closer to Halloween.... The embellished paper clip came from a swap I hosted not to long ago in the Sunroom Library... TY, Linda great clip...:0) TFL

Stamps: treat yourself, POD; skeleton, Rubber Stampede
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Colorbox, orange
P.P.: SlabI

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A card I made for a friend...

I just love the look on this little sweeties face.... She has that look that is peaceful...
I know it is hard to see but, she has glitter glue just on the top outside edge of her wings... On the corner punch I just ran the ribbon through the holes for the paper, I just like that look better than a simple hole and it just came to me to try something new...
I know I was asked what I find of my DH's toy and tools to play with... Well, I find that he has so many tools that work for what I need... Like an itty bitty hand drill (it is like pencil size) that I have used a few times, dental tools with the fine tips, feathers, sandpaper, hobby mask, painters tape, airbrushes, and so much more... The funny thing is he will show me how to work anything that I need to know out in his shop... And he always knows where to look if something is missing from the shop...LOL Oh, and yes a few times he has asked me for something from my stash for his many hobbies....TFL
Stamp: The peddler's Pack Stampworks
Ink: Versafine, O.B.
Pencils: Prismacolor
Punch: Fiskars, Imperial corner punch
Ribbon: Unknown ?.. recycled from flowers