Friday, August 31, 2007

Okay, a few things to share with you...

First off, my friend lost her father the other day... I am sorry Kim B. {{{{HUGZ}}}} go out to you and yours at this time of need... My heart is with you and Rog and the kids, my friend...

Secondly, my wrist is feeling better and thank you, for asking...:0) The thing is I was in an auto accident 7 years ago and had ended up having surgery on it... I broke my elbow and tore out my wrist all at once...:0( I know now not to hold on to those handle's in the truck that are above the door while riding in the truck... I now know why guys call them O.S. handles now... heehehe And even though I tend not to use those words I am sure I wanted to say them more than once that day...:0) I will always have issues with my wrist as it tends to get achy now from weather changes... LOL And I always thought that my grandparents to be nutty for saying the rain is coming my such and such is hurting me...hehehehe Oh, great I am not even 35 yet and my such and such is hurting me... LOL What will it be like when I am old?... hehhehe

Third, My DH is an artist of another kind...LOL He is more of a realistic artist for those of you that do not know me and are new to my blog this may come as a shock... Now, no flames please.... He is a taxidermist and a great one at that... He has won many ribbons and trophies for his work and not just at the state level... He mostly works on fish any more and, well, If I do say so myself he is really good at what he does... But, I love to get his insight on my crafts so, really I ask for it when I ask for his opinion on my work...LOL So, try and be kind to him as we work with totally different mediums for our art... But, them again I have found a few of his things work great for my card making and scrapbooking... hehehehe He is also my best friend in the whole world and I adore him... Sssshhhh

That is it for now, I am working on a few thing for the blog and will post more when I can... But, I tend to not write all that much so, today is a little getting to know me blogger....LOL Okay, how many of you do I still have with me?.... LOL I am sure you all stopped reading it at the word taxidermist up above...:0) Oh well, I hope that you will still come back a visit as much as you can... Thanx, for stopping by:0)

reflections:0) A.K.A. Flexie:0)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A little bird told me... Texture...

I think this turned out better than I thought it would... I like it but, my DH does not care for the swirls in the corners... Because they are not solid or, consistent in color.... LOL I told him you try stamping on Dr. brown card stock and embossing it an see what you get...hehehehe
No really, what do you do if you want something on the card and you can not find what you need in the stores?... I could not find pink EP any where... Is it out there?... If it is let me know I may need to get some...hehehe But, for now I will stick with what I made up Pearl EX, Duo Red-Blue in clear EP... Maybe I should have tried it in white EP?... White ink with mixed EP over it, that is what I did... TFL

Stamps: Bird, Studio G; Swirls, Autumn Leaves
Ink: Ranger, V.D.B.; Colorbox, Frost White
Dry Embossed: Fiskars, Texture plate Filigree
Ribbon: $1 at M's

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Bird of thanks!

This is another of my faux postage cards... I have so much fun making something off the beaten path... TFL

Stamps: Bird, Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts; Thanks, Stamp Craft
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Colorbox, Royal Blue, Ranger, Starry Night
Pencils: Prang
PP: Slab II
Ribbon: Offray, Yellow
Paper clip: Express paper clips

Sunday, August 26, 2007


So, sorry that I have not posted that much in the last week.... I fell at work and my wrist has been bug'n me a bit when I try and color....

Howdy, just seemed like the right thing for this little guy to say... I love playing with this image and I may need to get the little girl they sell some day too...
I had a heck of a time trying to get the fiber to glue down the way I wanted it to... I used an old Fiskars glue pen on it, and it seems to be holding on really well... I am not sure why I used two colors just for a pop and fun I guess.... This was a first time for me to twist and turn the fiber to make words out of it....:0) TFL

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Ink: Versafine, O.B.; Ranger V.D.B.
Fibers: Leather cord unknown, Dr. brown and Lt. brown
PP: From a scarp unknown
Pencils: Prismacolor
Eyelets: Making memories, aged copper

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Come on play with me....:0)

The first five people to post who would like to play and pay it forward I will make a handmade card for and include some stamped images to use as well. Just leave your email addy on the post so, I can get in touch with you.

You will then post this on your blog and pay it forward....

I look forward to hearing form you. Thanx!!.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Take two...

I made a card like this a few months ago... This time is has more matting and new fibers... This is one of my favorite images.... TFL

Stamps: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts, Girl: Sentiment Studio G, Shells ? unknown
Pencils: Prismacolor
Fibers: Fancy Fur, Jungle Print
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Ranger V.D.B.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Birds and bird houses are just so much fun to look at... Some people really put a lot of work into there back yard houses for our feathered friends... This card just make me think of sweet little houses and birds... TFL

Stamp: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Colorbox, Sunflower
Pencils: Prismacolor
Ribbon: Offray 1/4" yellow
Sentiment: K&Company

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I got Tagged by: Dawn...

Well, I have been tagged by Dawn..... If you have not checked out Dawn's blog do so she does some great work

I must tell 8 things that people don't know about me.....

1. I love to ride roller coasters (life long dream is to ride many more, after I loose more weight)
2. I have been married my whole adult life
3. My DH is the best thing in my life, and the best thing that every happened to me
4. I call my father Pop
5. Making cards is very therapeutic for me, as is SBing
6. I have a thing for peanut M&M's
7. I have AIBSE (Acute Idiopathic Blindspot Syndrome or Enlargement) an enlargement of the blind spot in ones eye it leaves me partially blind in my one eye.
8. I would like to get a tattoo of a dragonfly on my ankle but, I am a chicken... LOL But, DH airbrushes tattoo's on me sometimes...:0)

I do not know whom to tag so, if you want to play along link it back to here and have fun playing....:0) TFL

What has reflections been up to...

As you can see I have been off line for a few days... I was taking a little down time and trying some new things...
First off I went salmon fishing for the first time ever... I have gone with DH before today but, I always sat on the bank and read a book... This was the chance of a life time for me... We got a call around seven Wed. night with the offer to take a guided fishing trip for four, for free... It was all paid for and my sis and her DH could not make the trip and they handed it to DH and myself... We called DH's brother and wife and they could not go with us (bummer)... The trip has for Thursday morning at 6 a.m. over on the coast... DH got home around 10p.m. that night and we packed lunch and extra clothes as that was all we needed to take along... We went to bed around 11:45p.m. and the alarm went off at 2:30a.m. so, we could make the drive to be on time... It was a short nights sleep...

We happen to have been the first ones at the dock at 5:22 a.m....:0) We both like to be on time for everything and that means 15 minutes early around here....:0) So, we got out stretched and used the potty and thought we may have to check the other end of town just in case there where more boat docks, we where told to met the guide at the docks but, we wanted to make sure these are the only docks...:0) LOL

Okay, so, I caught my very first salmon and it was the only one caught on our boat all day...:0)

We had bites but, nothing that we could set the hook on.... Our boat was the first out there and the first fish caught...:0)

The day started off over cast then cleared off and other than a bit of wind it was sunny and a ton of fun...

Sorry, I am new to blogg'n still...

And I tend to make mistakes still and typos are always going to happen...LOL

Yes, Ladies you get to post this on your blog and nominate five Rock'n Girl Blogger's

Totally sorry for any typos made...:0)

Okay, more later today....

For now my five nominees for Rock'n Girl Blogger, and in no particular order....

Linda ~



Christina, (Christian LOL Sorry)~


I tried to pick five ladies that had not yet been picked... They are all Rock'n Girl Bloggers...

If I had more to pick I would have added other's that are grand to like... Stacy (stacy's memory triggers), Sandy (it's a colourful world), Godelieve ( stamping mathilda) and the list could go on and on..... But, these ladies have already gotten the nod and I wanted to share it with a few others...:0) To inspire them to keep on blogging...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just news to share today...

I have been Nominated as a Rockin' Girl Blogger.... hehehe Well, cool I am glad that you think I am a Rockin' Girl Blogger Stacy, Thank you....:0) If you have not checked out Stacy's blog do so you will not be sorry....

I will name Five Ladies soon...:0)

I also got happy mail today from Stacy... TY:0) She sent me a few more stamped images to play with... She knows just how to brighten my day...:0))

I am sitting here in the A/C and loving it... TY, sis...:0)

Thanx for stopping by...:0)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

I just love this stamp by Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts CO.... The kitty looks so at peace and very happy... Today was a cool day around here we got central A/C today, yippee...:0)
No more window A/C and box fans to push the air around...:0) TFL

Stamps: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts, Cat and Paw print
Pencils: Prismacolor
Fibers: ? unknown RAK
Punch: EK Sm. paw print

Flowers for you....

This was fun card to make.. The idea comes from a challenge over at 2P's... I think I have a thing for coloring stamped images...LOL This is the second stamp I every bought....:0) TFL

Stamps: Auntie Amy's Embossing Arts, The happy Birthday comes from the Auntie Amy's Happy Birthday rose stamp...
PP: Slab II
Pencils: Prismacolor
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Ranger, V.D.B.
Fibers: ? unknown RAK

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Slow day getting here....

I had to clean out my craft closet first, do a few tubs of wash, unload and reload the dish washer before, I could make the time to play in here...:0) This is my one month anniversary for the blog...hehehe
Todays card is a just because card I had the new stamps and wanted to play with them....:0) The dragonfly is an JoAnn's $1 W/M stamp... I just had to have it, as I have a little thing for dragonflies...:0) I have a thing right now for the hot pink and lime green cards and I do not know why... TFL

Stamps: Lg. Dragonfly, OOgaloo from J's; Others are from $1 stamps, Studio G
Ink: Versafine O.B.; Versamark
Pencils: Prismacolor
Punches: ? RAK
Ribbon: ? recycled off flowers

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maternity card...

This card was made from $1 wood mounted stamps at M's and $1 ribbon at M's as well... It is all about layers, I love the color combo that I used for this card so soft and great for either a boy or a girl shower card or a Hi, how is the last month, few days going card.... Or, a OMG, look how big you might get card...hehehehe TFL

Stamps: M's $1 stamps Maternity, Katie & Co.; Congratulations, Katie Hall Studio G; both W/M
Inks: Versafine, O.B.; Versamark
Ribbon: $1 bin at M's
Pencils: Prismacolor

Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you ready for one more Bella?

I know I have been making Stamping Bella's this and that... LOL Hang in there with me I will get to other stuff soon... I have just adored playing with these RAK'd images so much... The scallops at the bottom of the card are an idea from another blog or, two... I did not make the oval using idea #2 but, I have other cards coming up that I used this on and I wanted to shar it before they come up... I like to give credit where credit is due... TY, Ladies again...:0) For more on them check out....


Thank you, both for teaching me such a new and fun way to get scallops with out going broke buying these... TFL

Stamps: Stamping Bella, Tinkerbella; Happy Birthday POD
Pencils: Prismacolor
Pen: Wings done with gel pen, Super-marble by: Zebra
Punch's LG. scalloped oval RAK, Scallop boarder done by removing the guard on my EK corner rounder, sm. flower $1 punch from M's

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy mail day.... X 2

Okay, Last week my on-line friends went off to CKC in NC. and had a blast... They are both a little sleep deprived but, other than that they are both well... I got happy mail today from both of them I got a postcard....:0) TY, Linda and Kim, I am glad you two got to met and that you both had so much fun... Thank you for thinking of me and sending me a post card... I would love to met you both some day... You are both such great friends.....

I am happy today as I got my all new POD (Purple Onion Designs ) stamps in the mail today as well...:0) I order just last Friday and I had them today which is less than a week what great service...:0) TY, Michele at POD... Oh, what did I get you want to know...hehehehe Well, I got the Vintage Postmarks Dates set, Vintage Postcard set, and the Blossom Set...

I am posting a bit late tonight as I worked today and then spent the after noon/evening with my beloved DH....:0) This Bella image was a RAK sent to my from a good friend... I put the baby in a yellowish/green blanket in hopes that this can be used for a friend that has the next baby not matter what the sex is... TFL

Stamps: Mamabella, Stamping Bella; congrats Purple Onion Designs
Pencils: Prismacolor
PP: Unknown from scraps bin
Fibers: Unknown RAK

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Expeting Bella.... She is Too cute...

I got the Bella image as a RAK from a friend... I love this new ribbon that I found at M's it is Sweet & Sassy, I picked up a few of the ones that I liked that they had left I wish I had found more of them... I know you can not see it but, all the Bella's that I have done now have had eyeshadow on... I do not wear makeup but, for some reason I think the Bella needs it to finish her off maybe, because her eyes are closed... And now because my head is spilting I am going to go take something for it.... TFL

PP: Unknown it was a scrap
Stamp: Pregabella, Stamping Bella; Sentiment: Too cute, $1 stamps, Studio G M's
Pencils: Prismacolor
Ribbon: $1 ribbon at M's Sweet & Sassy
Ink:ColorBox, Frost white

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I sent off the troops cards today...:0)

Okay, those of you that have been following along with my post's know that I have been making cards to send to an on-line friend for the troops... This is the stash of cards that I sent off today to her... TY, S.A. (Colourful) I hope that they all get to you soon and are just what our troops need to send home to there loved ones...:0) Most of these cards have been in the last several post here on my blog so, you have seen them before...:0) I just love feeling like I can do something for the troops.... They do so much every day... TFL

Just because...:0)

I have a two cards today for you... The first one I did the coloring on and add a few punched circles... This was a RAK image.... The second one was also a RAK image, all I did was rip the one edge and place it on a card with fibers... Okay, I know it was not much but, I still liked the card and how it turned out...:0) TFL

Stamps: Both cards Unknown RAK images, if you know whos they are let me know and I will credit them...:0)
Pencils: Prismacolor
PP: Blue, Slab II; Purple, Memory Stor hand made paper (Costco pack)
Fibers: Fancy Fur, Jungle Print

Monday, August 6, 2007

I do not drink a lot of coffee...

I really am not a big coffee drinker, as in it is not something that I need to get moving along... I am however a tea drinker, hot or cold but, still not something I need to have every morning... This image was a RAK image to me from a friend and the mug stamped image in the back ground where another RAK from another friend... TY both...:0)

I wanted the card to be bright like as if it hurt your eyes to not have the caffeine...:0)
Sentiment: "I don't have a problem with caffeine... I have a problem without it!"...

Stamps: Emerson, American Art Stamps; Mug unknown if you know let me know..:0)
Ink: Pink around the edge Colorbox
Pencils: Prisma

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Todays card is a sticker not a stamp...

I made this cute birthday card from a old sticker I had on hand.. I figure why not use up supplies and then I have room for the newer stuff I want to buy....hehehe TFL

Punchy:Unknown it was a RAK
Embossing:Cuttlebug embossing folder RAK
Ink: Colorbox
Sticker: Provo Craft, by: Rebecca Carter
Ribbon: $1 at M's

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chicken Noddle Soup...

A get well card to add to my growing card stack for the troops....:0) Happy to do something for them...

This is stamped with stamps that where RAK'd to me from my Friend Linda (LindainNCtoo)... Linda, has perfect timing as to when someone needs a little pick me up... I was having a ruff month when she sent these... The funny thing is she had know idea because, I tend to not share my life with to many people... I keep the bad, sad, hard stuff bottled up most of the time... So, thank you once again friend... And I hope your trip that you are on today is going grand...:0)


Stamps: Sentiments, Purple Onion Designs; others unknown ?, if you know post to me and I will change it
Ink: Versafine, O.B., Ranger distress ink, Old Paper
Pencils: Prismacolor
Glitter glue: Around the inside edge of the pot Dollar tree
Ribbon: RAK ?
Punchy: RAK ?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Bella Birthday....

I got this image as a RAK... I do not own any Bella Stamps at this point in my life... Maybe, some day I will... I have a grand time playing with images and total love it when I get them in the mail... Some I know are coming and others are happy mail that just shows up in the mail box...:0) It really makes my day either way... TY to the one that sent this gem to me...

Stamps: Stamping Bellas, cakeabella; Happy Birthday is POD, I think it was a RAK too
PP: Memory Stor pack (Costco)
Ink: Unknown for Bella, I used Colorbox around the image
Embossed: Clear embossing powder
Pencils: Prismacolor
Fibers: RAK unknown

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Flower fun...

The Lg. white flower was a RAK image to me and is unknown.. I placed it up on a pop dot, then twisted some wire for a stem... The background flowers I stamped with my TAC retired flower set using Versamark... This is one of those cards that can be used for just about anytime.. TFL

Stamps: Lg. flower unknown, background swirly flowers TAC retired
Ink: Versamark
Wire: recycled, from ribbon edge

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Here fishy, fishy...

I had fun with this set from TAC as well... I made it for one of my troop cards... What I mean by troop cards is, I am making cards to send to an on-line friend... She then sends them on to our troops... Because, in case you did not know it they can not run down to the local card shop to send home a card to a loved one... I see a lot of good in doing this TY, S.A. for getting the job done, and getting me into this as well... As many of my friends already know our family has strong military back grounds on both sides...
I seem to have better luck scanning my cards than taking a photo... This one is scanned on HOTP P.P... I love these little fish, they are so cute... TFL

Stamps: TAC, Under the sea- retired set
Ink: Versafine, O.B.
Pencils: Prismacolor
P.P.: Slab II
Card stock: white for stamp images, Super Value pack for card