Monday, September 27, 2010

See you soon!

I have to leave really early in the morning for my surgery so I will blog again as soon as I can A few days from now....

Hearts on!....

Thank you all for the well wishes...:0)


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Just two more days until I have my head fixed yippee... It has been a long wait but, along the way I learned a lot about myself and that going through all this has caused me to have panic attacks some really bad ones I have never had them before now and what they are caused from, it is all the stress of the first few days not knowing what was wrong with me and the first three hospital doc's just sending me away only doing the bare minimum. And me coming in and out of a state of awareness there were times when I talked to my family and friends and said things and do not remember any of it at all.....

My husband and sister and oldest niece have been a great help and an awesome support system through this whole thing... TY:0) Don't know what I would have done without you all your the best ever....

I can not wait to see the T-shirt you bought me Lil mama I am sure it is funny (after surgery I know) and thank you for the forever heart tat you got it makes your auntie smile...:0)

Have a grand one!

Thanx for stopping by, Flexie:0)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello all!

Feeling the crunch it is six days until my brain surgery I have my normal every day moments and then I have the blue ones too the meds make me emotional some days as well as other things. I really have to remember I am a fighter and I have gotten back to life from deaths door in less than a month that not bad because I will keep fighting. There are many whom live with only half a brain and they are just fine and I am only loosing a small part of mine and a patch and a titanium plate and I will have a few down days and then be as good as new... Live, Laugh, Love that is what I like to say.

It also sounds like the scar will be hid and really I do not care I will wear it with honor knowing that I have lived and come out they other side. Scar's are just like photo's they are just something you pick up or, take along the way that you can look at from time to time and remember the good times as well as the not so good times and the most challenging times as well.

I am asking all that want to show there support for me to wear a heart on Tuesday the 28th so I can feel your love and support pulling me through this. I do not care if it is a sticker, drawn on you, a piece of jewelery or, clothing just wear a heart for me that day if you can. My engagement/wedding ring happens to have a heart shaped diamond by the way and I have big heart in a loving way.

Thank you everyone, Flexie:0)

P.S. you do not have to be a blogger member to leave me a message you can do it anonymously just check that spot and you are good to go...:0)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven! 7 thats lucky right!

Seven that is how many days until surgery almost there and then I can be on the mend and back at doing all the things that I love the most. Okay well there maybe a few days of down time but, not many I hope.

I really miss working and spending time with my sis and her family I love being at there place and working for them but, most of all I love seeing her and the kids well, mostly just the one now because the oldest got married, moved out, had a baby and grew up! Oh and I love seeing BIL as well I mean he once told me "You are my favorite SIL and if I had been out looking for SIL'S and not a wife I would have still picked you" He also had his arm around me when he said this and may have had a drink as well ;0) LOL I am not sure how to take that one I am his only SIL but, I guess he loves me too we have always liked to tease each other just a bit but, he really is a great guy and I mean it.
I really lucked out in the BIL department I got two really great ones and one awesome sister and one awesome SIL as well as her family that loves me and my beloved as if we where there own flesh and blood you can not get much luckier than that.

I also have a wonderful Pop (father) that lives many states away an much more family there that loves me as well. I have a great lil brother that is serving our country in the A.F. over in Turkey I believe if he has not been moved again and someday who knows maybe he will fall in love as well and then we can add more to this family only time will tell.

And there is my grandmother that I love and my aunt too that she lives with as well that we went to see this spring we really had a great time driving out to see them and then back to vacation in NV. with BIL and SIL before coming back home.
Oh, I also won a nice jackpot while in N.V. it paid for the trip as well as the medical bills that we are getting in now, it was my first hand pay and I was so excited. Even though it was to be used for the front yard, craft room re-do and a new computer as well as a few other small things. Life is much more important than those things any day so, I choose life. This money will not cover it all but, it is a nice start.

To top it all off I have great friends that are there to wish me well also Thank you all.

Have a grand one all!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hi, and thank you!

I have had some lovely visits, cards, calls, E-mails and text's from family and friend so, thank you all very much each day has been a little bit better some more than others.

Now that they have lowered some of the med's as well as taken out the PICC line for the I.V. drug, I am starting to feel a little more like the real me.
The computer does make me sick from time to time and I only have a few min. to blog before I feel icky so, this will be simple and sweet.

I had pre-opp on Fri. and they are going to do my surgery the 28th of this month I will be in the hospital for 3-5 days ICU at first and then they will move me to a regular room. I will blog more as soon as I feel up to it again.

Thank you again, Flexie:0)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is going on!

It is really hard to miss one whole week of your life... Sun. I had to go back to the ER, the good ER I was not feeling right they think I was having a reaction to the med's or, maybe it is just nerves I mean hello I almost died an I am NOT sleeping well at all. I am afraid to go to sleep and never wake up again... I do feel better today and over the weekend we had a really nice bar be que at my SIL and BIL's house and they asked my sis and her family as well as my niece and her family this has really pulled the people I love the most together. as well as my SIL niece and husband I think of her as my other niece as well as my SIL's mum and pops thats what i call them with much love...

My BIL said I did not have to do anything this drastic to get them all together or, to lose more weight...LOL hehehehe

Another day of getting juiced at the I.V. therapy in a bit through my PICC line and again the next day plus a neurologist apt. Thurs. and a neurosurgeon apt and juicing Fri.... Then we will find out when they will do my surgery to fix the whole in my skull that my sinuous made when it blew and I got meningitis.What I would not give to get a good or, great nights sleep an no heart burn....

I need all this like I need another whole in my head....hehehehehehe

I hope you all have a grand one! {{{{HUGZ}}}} to all that need them...

I keep my name private and always have if you know me you know why please respect that....:0)