Friday, August 31, 2012

a few new cards!

A Card for pop

 For Linda and her hubby
 For my Aunt she loves her bike

 Just for fun

 For my BIL

Oh which one of the those girls should get this?

 For fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beloveds new ear!

Okay, I have been asked what he got and if it works Yes and Yes. Here is some  photo's of what it looks like with out the BAHA and with the BAHA. Now the scar you see is from the brain surgery not the BAHA all they did for the BAHA was to punch a small whole in the scalp and the drill the pin into the head/skull bone then it had to integrate into the bone for a few months before he could have the BAHA to place on it. Now as I have said before he does NOT have hearing on the right side in the right ear he never will again because the vestibular schwannoma being taken off of all the nerves took the hearing out. IF he wears it he can hear things on that side of him in his left ear but, he may not know where it is coming from and if the place is really noisy it can become to overwhelming and he turns it off. that round spot which looks like a speaker is the on/off button it all so vibrates when it is bummed or touched so he can not really lay down with it on or sleep with it on it will pop off and drive you nuts if you fall asleep with it on and it touches the pillow or anything really.
Thank you, for asking about it I have meant to post about it but, you all know how life is it gets in the way of being on-line. hahahaha