Friday, July 29, 2011

Doing really well!

We are doing really well we are on to the next steps in our lives my beloved with his surgery and us with the getting on with living and life and what our future holds right now we are looking into a few things and I will let you all know more later about what those things are but, for now it is a work in progress so I will keep it all under wraps until then a few close friends have been told and some family but that is about it.... back to a bit of crafting or just being creative anyway last week I drew two pictures with my sisters youngest we she drew more pictures then I did but I drew her two and I wrote on them that I will always love her love her aunty R:0) and it is so true I adore that kid and her sister and her family as well...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

We are both doing well....

I can not hardly believe that it has been 9 months since I got so sick and almost died and 8 months since the surgery to repair the herniate piece of brain that was in my upper sinus's and making me so gosh darn sick with meningitis and causing me to have seizure's.
Then to top all that of to find out that my husband had and acoustic neuroma and had to have brain surgery as well within six months of my surgery well blow me away with a feather because, it did not take much to knock me down at that point. A lot of shock was about all I felt that day when the Dr. told us that he to would need brain surgery. I was strong for him from the get go I mean really even though they are not the same surgery I could help walk him through what I knew I had just been there and understood if no one else did what it felt like to know that there was a problem with the brain and in that area I mean really its the only one you get and panic sets in rather fast. I mean I just figured that my beloved was going deaf and that is was from being in the Navy and working around planes for most of his life in the Navy, Boeing and our local little airport I had no idea when I told him he was old and that was why he could not hear. I really had no idea that it would be something like a tumor on the audio and balance nerve sheath and that it had been there for a number of years and all those times he said he was dizzy and he felt his balance was off and the ENT and PCP could not figure it out that it was just growing and getting larger and starting to push on the brain stem. Well it has been almost three and a half months since his surgery and he is doing well he did lose all the hearing in that ear and there is no way to regain that they had to scrap the nerve sheath and that took out the hearing for good, he can get a BAHA which is a bone anchored hearing aid it is another surgery or he could get two hearing aids one that relays the info to the good ear like and FM transmitter. He is thinking of going with the BAHA because he said he is not sure he wants to have something in both ears he is a lot like me in that way I hate things in my ears as well. The BAHA is a small rod placed in the skull and when all healed it has a smallish hearing aid the hooks onto it and the sound travel through the skull bone to the good ear.

I have been off all anti-seizure meds since about the time we came home form the hospital after his surgery almost 3 1/2 months. I have had no seizures since the very last one in mid Aug. 2010 when I was admitted to the hospital 30 min. away and they figured out what was wrong with me and how to work towards getting it fixed and they put me on heavy doses of PIC line antibiotics for almost a month.

So all in all life has been good I have gotten back to crafting on a small scale I have yet to take photos to share and I have already sent most of the cards that I have made out but, I will soon get back to making this a crafting blog again as well as updates on my daily life. I did make a awesome crazy hat for my niece to wear at the Relay for Life I will see about crop'n her out of it to post a picture on here as she is not my child and it is not my right to post photos of her on my blog but, the hat won the lap round and it was super cute just super sweaty to wear poor kid'o...

Thank you, R:0)