Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Here are the rules. You need to say something nice about the person who gave you the award, copy and paste, share a few little personal details about yourself, and pass it on. You are suppose to share ten things people don't already know about you and pass this award to ten other bloggers. Here I go

( some of these were hard to write )

1) I am very happily married to my best friend. Did you know that we met in an archery store. I worked in an archery store as a teenager that sold archery equipment and had indoor archery lanes to shoot on at targets. Kinda like bowling....

2) My friend that sent this said she did not get her license until 18 yrs. old but, I did not get my driver's license until I was 20 yrs old. No one wanted to take the time to teach me but, my husband did and I am a rather good driver because of him. And the funny thing is I had a car by 16 yrs old that I bought and paid for and everyone else drove. Gggrrrr

3) I would love to travel outside the US. Go to an see things around the world I can not pinpoint one thing I would just love to go, go, go...

4) I have a blind spot in my (R) eye and they have no idea what caused it. I have had many tests to see why. It does not hurt at all, they call it AIBSE (acute idiopathic blind spot enlargement). With my (L) eye closed sitting here I can see only half the screen and then my sight picks up and I can see part of the edge of the desk an on to the corner of the room.

5) I would love to get another pet but, I really am not sure I am ready for a dog or, a cat at this time maybe some day soon... My beloved is the cat guy...

6) I have always battled with my weight my whole life. These last almost two years have been the best for me on that front. I have lost weight and kept it off. I like walking on the treadmill and never thought that I would like working out. TY, sis. for helping me stick to it an for spoiling me with new clothes.

7) I love to ride roller coasters an I have talked my beloved into going on a few with me. Speed the ride in Las Vegas is a blast if you have never been on it.

8) I started out as a rubber stamper and then became a scrapbooker. And I love to stamp still.

9) I have always wanted kids (our kids) and it really hurts that I can not have them like most couples do. I mean really hurts down deep inside so much so that it is hard for me to be around babies and to hold them an to smile and act like nothing is wrong. To know that I will never have that.
We have had treatment's for this. This is the one thing that is the hardest for me to talk about with anyone, even my beloved. I do not think he will ever really know nor should he know how bad it hurts me to not be able to give him a child.

10) I was a CNA before I started my house keeping business. I loved working in the hospitals more than at nursing homes only because, in the nursing home you tend to bond to people and it is hard when they pass on...
Here are my ten bloggers that deserve this award:

Linda ( but she sent it to me )
Linda, has become a really good online friend whom I would love to meet some day. TY:0)

Stacy (she got it from Linda too)
Any this one goes out to all that read my blog....


Update on my niece.

This is my niece that has cancer not my sister, my sister is her mom.

My niece is doing well, she is feeling a little icky and thinks it maybe a cold. She is staying in the RV in my sisters in the driveway because, of the radioactive iodine she of course can not be around anyone. I know she misses her husband and baby. But, my sis. her mom is taking food and movies out to the RV for her and she took her some cold meds as well. Poor kid I hope that she does not have a cold on top of being alone for cancer treatment that would suck but, I would bet she will get all the rest she needs to get over it faster. We went over there last night to visit with my sis and her husband and when we left we flashed our head lights at the RV and she raised the blinds and waved at us. I smiled and waved back and blew kisses to her.

Thank you, for the well wishes...