Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-Shirt funny !

That T-shirt the oldest niece got me is a hoot it says... Two more holes in my head and i'd be a bowling ball. It has a pic of a person like what you see on a bathroom door with a hole in there head and below it says (proud brain surgery surviour)

She is a funny girl just like her aunty....


Doing okay!

Thank you for asking how I am it means the world to me...:0)

I have been doing as well as I can be I ran a fever a few days in a row and the doc. kinda was worried but, we can not find the cause of it and it has gone away now.
I have had a few panic attacks and worried myself sick about sleeping at night because, this all started when I laid down with a headache to being with. It really sucks to be so upset and cry and freak my poor beloved out I am going to get help from a psychologist I have a apt. set up for the fourth I hate to be weak or seem weak but, missing a whole week of my life and waking up not know why I am in the hospital really has thrown me for a loop. It shook me to my core so to speak I knew I needed help before surgery and even told my beloved I did there was just a lot going on with IV/PICC line therapy every day that there was really no time for it before the surgery.

I have had help before 13 yrs ago for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from abuse I had as a kid I got better then and I know I can get better now it is just a matter of time and finding the right way to deal with the stress of this new trauma.


P.S. one of my sweet kittens passed away while I was staying with my sis on the 10th. freak accident beloved found her and placed in the back yard we will miss her. We lost the long haired one named Sahara.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I got home on Sat. the 2nd they let me out early because I am doing well... Feel pretty dang good I even did 9 laps around the hospital ward the day before I went home and that is almost a mile not bad. No, I did not do them all at once but, I did them and that is what counts also I have only taken half the pain meds every time because, I do not feel like I need any more than that the pain is not that bad at all or, I am as tough as nails most likely both....:0) My sis took photos but I will spare you all that I have a cut/stitches from ear to ear up over the top of my head...

TY, Flexie:0)