Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Shower gift wrap!

Baby Shower gift holder! Altered wine box from Safeway store.

I am a housekeeper and seen this by one of my clients back doors ready to go to be recycled and the idea just popped into my head, I asked her if I could have it and she said sure... It was a gift this weekend for a friends baby shower. I figured it gave a fresh new look to the old bag and wrapped gift.

I got to thinking these would be fabulous for any gift really like get well, thinking of you, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day and Easter. It puts a whole new spin on the gift's they could be filled with candy and movie tickets, coffee cups, coffee and coffee cards, tools and T-shirts and so much more the possibilities are endless. And because you put whatever patterned paper you want on the outside the themes are so endless and if you are not a crafter with patterned paper I think fabric, gift wrap, comics or just plan old news paper would work as well.

With this box I only used two full 12x12 sheet of patterned paper to cover the printing on the box. All the first cuts where made with a paper trimmer.
I used my 3M tape runner to adhere the paper an a pair of scissors to cut down the paper where the box angled then just fold it out ran some tape on the papers under side and folded it back in sticking it down. I then wrapped ribbon around the middle, made a charm to add to the bow and it was ready.
I emptied out the box to alter it also I cut the center hadle flap off so I do not have to bend it up when a carried it.

This box is meant to carry six bottle's of wine so the can hold a few items that have weight to them without ripping but if you are worried don't carry it by the handle support it from the underside.

I cut down a 12 pack egg carton to a six pack because the socks came in a ten pack. I just used the other four pairs to make rolled rose's and tied them with curling ribbon for easy removal.
I rolled four receiving blanket's for larger rose's and stuck the socks in around them that I had rolled.

The hanging chain off the handle says <3baby a="" added="" also="" and="" as="" baby="" bag="" chain="" cut="" diaper="" down="" final="" first="" for="" gift="" great="" handle="" hanging="" hearts.="" i="" in="" it="" key="" long="" look="" meant="" mommy="" nbsp="" of="" off="" or="" p="" photo="" s="" set="" the="" was="" well.="" would="" zipper="">
If you have any questions fell free to ask me. Thank you for stopping by.

Charm I made for her to take off the box and wear it on her nurses uniform after so goes back to work.
If I had known the babies name I would have put her initials on it as well and a once born we can do this along with a mini photo of the baby.

Baby buggy found on Pinterest

My friend had one of these in her baby's room a few years ago I loved the idea so I tried to redo it here. I used paint sample's from the store for the pink squares and used flowers to cover the names and the numbers on them. Again I did not know the baby's name so I put the families last name.

All in all I think it turned out great and made a nice gift bag.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My time spent crafting!

My time spent crafting always makes me happy. I had to be off work for six to eight weeks after the total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy. In my time off I created cards once I was able to sit or stand at mycraft table for any lenght of time...
 Here are a few of the cards I made I hope you enjoy them.


I have to ask has anyone else seen the rubber duckie in this stamp before?
Here are two cards one with and one without the duckie colored in... I never had seen it until the card above. Was I missing it all these years?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The changes life has brought to me.

I love reading about everyone getting back to what they love to do. I have had a lot of up's and down's in the last three years but always try to remain positive about all of it. I trained last year to do a half marathon and it was the best thing I ever did for myself it felt great to cross that finish line. 
I will be missing my 10K in a week so that I can heal the right way the first time. Two years ago my niece got me into doing my first race it was a 5K and since then I have built up and kept walking I am a total walker not a runner. 

A little over three years ago I woke up after missing almost a full week of my life cognitively, my brain was herniated and sick with possible meningitis before I got sick I was on my treadmill daily doing four miles in an hour walking. I never once ventured out onto the course with my sister, niece and friends because I am obese and was afraid of what others would say if they seen me but then one day after my cranny my niece said just come and do it who cares it's for you no one else she was so right. 
So after a month of meds for healing from the brain infection and then having the bi-frontal craniotomy and many more weeks of healing I went for it and did that first 5K. Six months after my cranny surgery my DH had a cranny for a tumor. Then a little over year later he and many others he worked with where given less than a months notice that they where all being laid off due to budget cuts. Life was going well even without him working and then this! lol
We went to the OBGYN thinking we had miscarried a baby only to be told that what my body had expelled was a uterine polyp. Sadness and relief at the same time because I always wanted to be a mom but was relief because it was just a polyp. The OB gave us the choice to have it tested because we have no insurance. I am self employed and my husband is still out of work. The dr said it looked ok to her but it was our choice. I took one look at my DH and said test it. It came back as uterine cancer the OB was shocked and sent it for more tests before she called me to tell me. Then like most I asked what next and we went for OBGYN oncologist apt's and got a date for surgery had it and now I am on to the healing part of life cancer free for now. I hope that the uterine cancer does not return ever! I am healing and taking everyday as it comes making the most of them. 
I wish you all a very happy recovery and hope that you all are back to what you enjoy most soon!!!
Sorry this is so long my heart just needed a place to rejoice today over all that I have and give hope to those that need it!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time just seems to fly by!

I am sure that we just started 2013 well maybe not but it sure feels as if this year has just flew by!

Here are a few cards I have worked on this year but some how always forget to post...

Thank you for stopping by to have a look!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday birthday suit style!

I made this card for my Aunt Brenda for her birthday last month. I knew she would like it on the inside I wrote " The old grey mare ain't what she used to be". LOL

Colored with Copic markers, Prima flowers and the little back embellishment's where saved after falling off my jeans. LOL Digi main image, Sentiment $1 stamp, PP old pack from M's.

TY for stopping by, reflections:0)

Saturday, May 4, 2013


House of Mouse & Friends Monday Challenge....

This time the challenge was "weather" so here is my weather card of the week.

Image was RAK to me a while ago. I used Copic's to color the image and dew drops from The Robins Nest. Ribbon is reclaimed from flowers sent to me, paper is a very old pack from M's ....

Thank you for looking, reflections:0)

Monday, October 22, 2012

I have been busy making a few cards again. Enjoy!
Digi Img.

Aunty Amy's embossing arts. I doubled up on the image.
 Love this stamp. 

 Aunty Amys Embossing arts took away part of the image.

 $ stamps from M's

 $ Stamps from M's

 Main image  Digi small bib $ stamp M's

 $ stamp M's

 Main Image Digi

$ Stamp from M's

Stamping Bella RAK

 Stamping Bella RAK


 Digi image

Color book page