Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coming back from TBI

I can tell you this means a lot to me to read a friend sent this link to me in an e-mail. I am on the Marq end of this story and it is just as hard coming from that side. When I woke up after my traumatic brain injury in the hospital and I was not the me I had once been it was so very hard for me. I was so very scared, angry and confused it hurt all over and it was not from any injuries that you could see. I did not know how to tell the ones I loved all of this. I have learned so much and I have come a long way in the last nineteen months since this happened but, I am not all the way back I do fight to be back every day. Even if I seem angry, scared, confused or to happy at times it is still me trying to get back what I lost that day. I have come to find that I may not get it back, I will not stop trying to get it back but what I build from this day forward is stronger through the love and help of my family and friends.
Seeing it from Melody's side helps me a lot because as we all know men to do talk to much about feelings and I know that my husband has had to deal with so much from me he is strong like Melody he has stood there rock solid in front of me when I have needed it most. He has cried with me held me tight and been scared himself with all that I went through and then to top it all of and find out that he had a tumor and needed brain surgery just six short months after mine really helped to push me forward in my recovery. Mostly because I am a care taker it is what I do best.

Thank you for reading this,