Saturday, March 14, 2009


Becky tagged me!!! I love to read her blog Tales from a Domestic Briefcase and get inspired she makes some great things she has the eye for her art...

Here's how it works: The instruction is to go into my photo collection, take the fourth folder and the fourth picture in that folder and explain it. Then tag four more bloggers to do the same.

This is #4...>>> I was taken photos Last year in the back yard of what my beloved and I had done to share them with my blog friends and my family that read my blog... I add a few more to show you what the yard looked like... I was also playing around with our new camera to see what I could do see the photo with the bee....

And now for my tagging......

Thanks for looking.... reflections:0)
P.S. I hope that I did the link thing right....:0)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I took this just last week...

So, sometimes it is so very hard to see just how well you are doing when you are taking weight off... Then last week a friend asked me to post a new photo of my self on a group that I belong to and I took a new photo of my self the lighting is bad but, you can see the changes...:0)) What do you think can you see the changes too?... I will try and get a better photo soon... Yes, I did my 4.65 miles today w/incline in 1hr.10min. then went on a short walk around the park with my aunt that is visting from TX.... After that we went out for a nice lunch and had a great talk...:0)

Old Flexie:0) photo>>>
New Flexie:0) photo>>>>
Thanx for looking, reflections:0)
P.S. Gram came home from the hospital Sun. and she is doing well....:0))))

Have you ever checked out this site?

Have you ever checked out this site Craft Critique?... It is very, very helpful when it comes to product's and reviews... I can tell you that I go to every day to see what the newest info is... Why don't you give it a try...


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweet Pea.....

My niece had a baby girl last year so, I became an Auntie... Well, I made her this sweet little album to have photo's in at work... I know that she misses her so very much and when she is between clients cutting, perming or coloring then she can catch a peek at her sweet pea...

Supplies used:
I used my Roll.A.Bind to make the album out half sheets of 8.5 x 11
Stamps: Studio G clear and wood, TAC soap bar, and others unknown
Inks: Versafine O.B., Ranger brown
Copic Ciao, Prismacolor pencils for coloring
Stickers: the bugs by doodlebug designs inc.
Stickles many colors
Ribbon: $1 ribbon from M's
Chipboard: heart
K&Company Tag
Prima flowers
Thanks for looking, reflections:0)

Friday, March 6, 2009

My grandma had herina surgery today...

Grandma is doing great!....:0)

They had her a little longer in surgery than they said but, the doc. said it all went great... She has to stay for a bit but, they took her off her blood thinners so, we knew she would have to before we went in... She will then go home to the loving arms of my aunt that is here from Texas for a few weeks... Gram will eat up the fact that her youngest girl is home and waiting to take care of her and make sure she does well...

She has always been my soft place to fall... When I was a kid I spent a lot of time with her my home life was not the best and gram did not know just how bad it was but, she always knew I needed her and was there any time I needed her... She is still young 75 almost 76 and has a good life but, my aunt worries about her because, gram uses a walker from a bad accident many years ago and she would like her to move to TX. with her so, she can take care of her full time... Gram is thinking about it, I hope she does whatever is right for her.... It is high time she thinks about her self... And I will be happy with whatever she wants... And it is not as if I could not send for her or, go see her too....:0)

If you can keep her in your heart at this time that would be great thank you!...


How do you know what real love is?

I have known for years what real love is but, then there are days when it sneaks back up on you and warms your heart and every thing else... I got this card from my beloved for Valentines day but, he does not like his hand writing so, he did not want me to share it with all of you so, I told him that is was to sweet and cute not to share... What do you think does this man love me or, what? He knows just how I see myself and he really knows how to make my day... I wish that I looked that good BTW.... But, to see what you look like through your mans eyes means a lot to a wife...:0) Please do not send me bad posts he meant this with love and that is they way it was received as well.... After I have lost more weight I will look that good I hope if not he can draw my body new with prismas any time...:0) Goodness I love that man more every single day...:0)

The front reads..."Love Always"
The inside reads... "Happy Valentines Day Your Sexy and Beautiful Love ...."


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New works of art....

Okay, the first one was made for a image swap... The second one was made for my BIL and SIL they had there 25th. this year... When I told them how old I was they called me a baby...LOL I get that all the time from them...

Card #1
Stamps: House Of Mouse & $1 studio g time well spent
Ink: Versafine O.B.
I used Copic Ciao's to color it
$1 ribbon
Card #2
Stamps: Autumn Leaves & wooden $1 studio g
Ink: Ranger Holiday Vintage seasons greetings, Versafine O.B.
$1 ribbon
PP: Costco pk. hand made papers
Thanx, for looking....