Saturday, December 29, 2007

H.B. to me.....

Today is my birthday! I am 35 and I do not feel old yet... Age is only a number right....LOL Some days I feel way older and others just like a kid again....:0)))) I have a day of shopping with my DH and dinner and fun later at my sisters.... I got to sleep in I just got up a half hour ago at 8:30....:0)

Thank you, for all of the birthday wishes! Much love right back at all of you....

It has sucked being a late Dec. birthday most of my life... I got the here is your Christmas/Birthday gifts line a lot.... I had very few parties as most of the time friends were with families for the holidays and money was tight.... It truly sucked no years my sister would get the same gifts for X-mas and then get B-day gifts and a party two months later.... My sister is a great sister she total make up for all those bad birthdays now...:0) Love you sis....:0)


P.S. TOS~ TY, I went to Creative Xpress last night... But wouldn't you know that most of the embossing folders I wanted that I did not get for Christmas are sold out....:0( I did get a few of the ones I wanted so, that makes me happy...:0)))


Linda M. said...

I use this site:
for Cuttlebug embossing folder ordering. I sent this to your email, too.

Happy Birthday!!!! I mailed a box to you Friday. I wanted to mail it to you before Christmas, but you know why it did not get mailed until now.

Enjoy your birthday weekend!!

Wife2TJ said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your having a WONDERFUL one!

ThatOtherSharon said...

OLD?!?!?!? Are you kidding??? You'll never be OLD to me!!!

Hope you had a fabulous day!!!

Sandy said...

Have a GREAT birthday WEEK. When your bday is so close to Christmas you get to celebrate for a week, not just a day! (tell dh he's sposed to get you pressies for a week, do ya think he'll believe it?)