Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Good day after!

Good day after all the fun.... I hope that you are all having fun playing with gifts or, being with your loved ones... I know that a lot of my friends and family are back at work already but, I have given this housekeeper the week off and part of next week as well....:0))) LOL

I mean really with Christmas, My Birthday and New Years so close I think I can spare the days off....:0) I am sure that my clients will miss me but, they love me enough to know I need a break....:0)))) And truly I feel like I am in the way cleaning around them all when they are home for the holidays.... I know that they say I am not and that I am part of the family after all these years... They are to kind but, you do start to feel like after cleaning for most of them for so long....:0))))

I have to play with my new toys for sure and see what other folders to buy and maybe a few dies as well....hehehehehe
I see a birthday shopping trip coming up...;0) DH will love that I am sure...:0)

I got my markers on Christmas Eve that I won from Gina K's blog... Thank you again Gina for such awesome blog candy....:0))
This what I won!.... Gina's M&M's say Hugs, Gina K and Thank you on them.... How cute is that!

P.S. I will learn to take better photos once I have a better camera....

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