Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is going on!

It is really hard to miss one whole week of your life... Sun. I had to go back to the ER, the good ER I was not feeling right they think I was having a reaction to the med's or, maybe it is just nerves I mean hello I almost died an I am NOT sleeping well at all. I am afraid to go to sleep and never wake up again... I do feel better today and over the weekend we had a really nice bar be que at my SIL and BIL's house and they asked my sis and her family as well as my niece and her family this has really pulled the people I love the most together. as well as my SIL niece and husband I think of her as my other niece as well as my SIL's mum and pops thats what i call them with much love...

My BIL said I did not have to do anything this drastic to get them all together or, to lose more weight...LOL hehehehe

Another day of getting juiced at the I.V. therapy in a bit through my PICC line and again the next day plus a neurologist apt. Thurs. and a neurosurgeon apt and juicing Fri.... Then we will find out when they will do my surgery to fix the whole in my skull that my sinuous made when it blew and I got meningitis.What I would not give to get a good or, great nights sleep an no heart burn....

I need all this like I need another whole in my head....hehehehehehe

I hope you all have a grand one! {{{{HUGZ}}}} to all that need them...

I keep my name private and always have if you know me you know why please respect that....:0)


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LindainNCtoo said...

It was good to "hear" from you the other day. :)

Keep us posted when you are able.

Hugs--- I wish that I could be there in person for you, Flexie.