Sunday, September 26, 2010


Just two more days until I have my head fixed yippee... It has been a long wait but, along the way I learned a lot about myself and that going through all this has caused me to have panic attacks some really bad ones I have never had them before now and what they are caused from, it is all the stress of the first few days not knowing what was wrong with me and the first three hospital doc's just sending me away only doing the bare minimum. And me coming in and out of a state of awareness there were times when I talked to my family and friends and said things and do not remember any of it at all.....

My husband and sister and oldest niece have been a great help and an awesome support system through this whole thing... TY:0) Don't know what I would have done without you all your the best ever....

I can not wait to see the T-shirt you bought me Lil mama I am sure it is funny (after surgery I know) and thank you for the forever heart tat you got it makes your auntie smile...:0)

Have a grand one!

Thanx for stopping by, Flexie:0)

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