Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven! 7 thats lucky right!

Seven that is how many days until surgery almost there and then I can be on the mend and back at doing all the things that I love the most. Okay well there maybe a few days of down time but, not many I hope.

I really miss working and spending time with my sis and her family I love being at there place and working for them but, most of all I love seeing her and the kids well, mostly just the one now because the oldest got married, moved out, had a baby and grew up! Oh and I love seeing BIL as well I mean he once told me "You are my favorite SIL and if I had been out looking for SIL'S and not a wife I would have still picked you" He also had his arm around me when he said this and may have had a drink as well ;0) LOL I am not sure how to take that one I am his only SIL but, I guess he loves me too we have always liked to tease each other just a bit but, he really is a great guy and I mean it.
I really lucked out in the BIL department I got two really great ones and one awesome sister and one awesome SIL as well as her family that loves me and my beloved as if we where there own flesh and blood you can not get much luckier than that.

I also have a wonderful Pop (father) that lives many states away an much more family there that loves me as well. I have a great lil brother that is serving our country in the A.F. over in Turkey I believe if he has not been moved again and someday who knows maybe he will fall in love as well and then we can add more to this family only time will tell.

And there is my grandmother that I love and my aunt too that she lives with as well that we went to see this spring we really had a great time driving out to see them and then back to vacation in NV. with BIL and SIL before coming back home.
Oh, I also won a nice jackpot while in N.V. it paid for the trip as well as the medical bills that we are getting in now, it was my first hand pay and I was so excited. Even though it was to be used for the front yard, craft room re-do and a new computer as well as a few other small things. Life is much more important than those things any day so, I choose life. This money will not cover it all but, it is a nice start.

To top it all off I have great friends that are there to wish me well also Thank you all.

Have a grand one all!


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LindainNCtoo said...

What a wonderful uplifting post, Flexie! I am glad that you have a great extended family that can be there for you during this time.

Now there are 6 days left!!!