Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello all!

Feeling the crunch it is six days until my brain surgery I have my normal every day moments and then I have the blue ones too the meds make me emotional some days as well as other things. I really have to remember I am a fighter and I have gotten back to life from deaths door in less than a month that not bad because I will keep fighting. There are many whom live with only half a brain and they are just fine and I am only loosing a small part of mine and a patch and a titanium plate and I will have a few down days and then be as good as new... Live, Laugh, Love that is what I like to say.

It also sounds like the scar will be hid and really I do not care I will wear it with honor knowing that I have lived and come out they other side. Scar's are just like photo's they are just something you pick up or, take along the way that you can look at from time to time and remember the good times as well as the not so good times and the most challenging times as well.

I am asking all that want to show there support for me to wear a heart on Tuesday the 28th so I can feel your love and support pulling me through this. I do not care if it is a sticker, drawn on you, a piece of jewelery or, clothing just wear a heart for me that day if you can. My engagement/wedding ring happens to have a heart shaped diamond by the way and I have big heart in a loving way.

Thank you everyone, Flexie:0)

P.S. you do not have to be a blogger member to leave me a message you can do it anonymously just check that spot and you are good to go...:0)


LindainNCtoo said...

You're darn tooting that I will wear a heart on Tuesday!!!!

Scars remind us that we have survived another trial in our lives.

Our pastor is teaching through the book of James in our Sundays sermons. We should be finished the book by June 2011. One of his quotes from Sunday: You do not get to choose your crosses; you choose your responses. ( dealing with the trials that we go through in life )

I hope you have a better day today!


Teresa said...

I will wear a heart. I hope you can feel some strength from me. I am sending it your way and wishing you up lifted spirits. Hugs to you girl! And prayers for a speedy recovery!