Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have you gone pink yet?

I have many friends that have been effected by cancer, a few by Breast Cancer and I hope that you will join me in going pink... I went pink a few days ago but, you can still go pink for the month as well... October is national Brest Cancer Awareness month make the pledge and join me in going pink...

Here is link for you to make your pledge and get downloads...

TOS~ this year I am going pink in honor of you... Best of luck my friend!

Thanx, reflections:0)


ThatOtherSharon said...

MIND? Are you kidding? I'm honored!!! Thanks for the links. Good to hear from you!!!


pelf said...

Thank you for going pink in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month! :D

We are running a series of 12 contests on the Pink for October website throughout October and there are many attractive prizes up for grabs too. That includes a “Share Your Story And Win A Prize” contest where you can share a true story, or encourage your friend/family/neighbour/colleague to share theirs, plus a "Design And Win" contest where you can submit the Pink for October buttons/badges/banners that you have designed.

For more information, please visit the official Pink for October website: