Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall 2008

I love fall color so very much that I talked my beloved into going for a ride on his weekend to the coast... I snapped photos as we drove over the mountain, I was looking for the awesome reds but, I could not find any... I will be on the look out for taking more fall photos with red in them next time...
enjoy, reflections:0)


Sharon said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Flexie!!! I'm so happy you're back to blogging more regularly; I've missed you!!!


Linda M. said...


I always enjoy seeing how "Fall" is elsewhere in the US. Our leaves are just starting to turn. I might have to go photo taking tomorrow after church so I can soak up the colors. I think that they - the colors - might be gone by next weekend here.

I, too, miss your blogging. Keep posting!!