Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two first for me this week...

First one was I got a Sty on my eyelid, woke up at 3 a.m. knowing my eye was hurting.... It really was no laughing matter that thing hurts like H&#*.... I called my doctor and she could not get me in she sent me to urgent care.... First off I hate that place.... They almost left us in the room one night as they where locking up, they found us because they had to turn off the lights in the room we where in.... I went as soon as they opened so, I would not have to wait all day because, of my eye issues the doctor at urgent care sent me to my eye doctor... I have AIBSE Acute Idiopathic Blind Spot Syndrome Enlargement what this means is they have no idea why I have a really larger than normal blind spot in my one eye... It is really big, I bet you had know idea that I was partially blind...hehehehe The thing is the blind spot is in the other eye and once the eye doctor looked at it (sty) and gave me something for it I could not see to drive all that well... So, no work today...:0) Sorry, SIS it was my sisters day for cleaning I am a housekeeper...

Okay, now for the second first... I was online last night trying my hardest to read and play along with the Gina K. opening party at SCS... I made my first upload there for the Gina K. sketch contest... The card needs something? Maybe a thin ribbon horizontally... TFL

Stamps: Gina K., Make a wish
PP: SlabII
Inks: Ranger, Versafine
Stickles: Crystal


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Ronnie! I am so sorry to hear about your cyst and the horrible experience you had trying to drive! Man!
You are an amazing artist.... so glad you were still able to play... The card is darling!

Dawn said...

sorry about all the junk if it makes you feel any better ds #1 was at emger care this week too. he also spent 4 hours at doc's waiting for a check up and I also was there. so three members of my family and 80 bucks later....ack

as for the card I love it. I would ink it up a little but it's great. YOur very good at this.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

I hope your eye is getting better! I hate the ER too! Your card is so sweet! love the colors! thanks for your kind comments and words of support on my blog! :)