Friday, June 17, 2011

Things are going well!

It is scary to say that, it is almost like waiting for the other shoe to drop sorta thing but, being a positive person I will say that life has been very interesting over the last year and that I chose to deal with everything head on some how I feel like everything is turning around all feels right in the world for us right now. We have good health for the time being and we will continue to try and make ourselves healthier. It is nice to see that we are both recovering so well from our brain surgeries each day is a step in the right direction. Okay, so my foundation was shaken and I have a hard time seeing and staying positive but, I am trying really hard to rebuild all of that inner strength that I once had and i am strong enough to admit that. 
I am spending the summers once again working part time and taking care of my sisters youngest three days a week, she is 10 this year and so full of life we have only had four summer days together so far but they have been really good days. She took up piano this last year and I really enjoy listening to her play I also enjoy watching her play sports right now she is doing softball season. My sisters oldest is the coach this year for her little sisters team I can see the same passion and drive in her while she is on the field that I use to when she played in school she seems to really be enjoying coaching them this season.  As for the oldest she is doing well and her family is doing well they are at some point soon going to try and make it grow by one more her little one is 2 almost 3 and funny as heck she is so full of life.

I will be walking next Friday in the local Relay For Life that is one town over I did this last year as well I have raised 175 this year only 20 short of last year it is for such a great cause. I walk to support Lil Mama (oldest niece), her grandpa, my cousins wife and many friends. I also walk in memory of my mother in-law, grandmother in-law, cousin in-law and uncle. I walk with my niece and her family to support her and the others that are survivors and those that our family has lost to cancer we should all find a reason to raise money and walk for the causes that touch our hearts in that one way that matters most. If I sent you link to my Relay page there is still time to make a donation if you wish to.

Thank you, R:0)

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LindainNCtoo said...

I don't know how you do it, Flexie.

Keep it up, Girl!!!

In my continued prayers and thoughts daily.