Monday, June 27, 2011

Relay For Life was so worth it!

I did 59,588 steps just about 25.5 miles not to bad for a fat old lady. LOL The bodybugg was awesome to have for knowing just what I did do, thank you sis. I am not to sore over all and I have no blister but, I do have some sore muscles here and there. We did have great weather for it the night was a bit cold but that was when I stayed moving the most, I was there for 24 hrs.

Our team was the highest raising team for money we were a gold member team and I don't know that that included our cash from cash night or any of the other fundraising at the event. We won the red, white and blue laps contest, crazy hat laps contest, hawaiian laps contest. Our team raised the most money in the Miss Relay contest that is the funniest one, my nephew in-law won in grandma in-laws long red sexy nightie and a friends snake skin high heel boots, big pink purse with a stuffed dog in it all while sporting a hot  pink mohawk with a flower in it. He had to run around the track and try to get the most money that he could from other relay walkers. His wife is the one that we walk for along with her grandpa, this young man I think would do anything for his wife. The team also helped her ( my niece's) best friends boyfriend dress up he had on the green dress my sister wore in my beloveds and my wedding almost 18 years ago it did not fit him at all but it was funny my sister was able to help it look as if it fit by pinning the bow in the back over the zipper he came is second place with money and there were a lot of guys that did the Miss Relay pageant and run this year 11 or 12 guys went out there in dresses to raise money for cancer. Really we all walk for many different people on our team we each have been touched by this in some way.
Cancer has touched my family in so many ways this just happens to be one of the ways I have found to give back to help out to help to find a cure so no one ever has to hear those words and have the worry that comes along with it.

Thank you for all your support if you did so on my teams behalf....


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LindainNCtoo said...

Can't wait to see a scrapbooking page on this, Flexie!! Pls share it with me.

Way to go!!!