Monday, March 9, 2009

I took this just last week...

So, sometimes it is so very hard to see just how well you are doing when you are taking weight off... Then last week a friend asked me to post a new photo of my self on a group that I belong to and I took a new photo of my self the lighting is bad but, you can see the changes...:0)) What do you think can you see the changes too?... I will try and get a better photo soon... Yes, I did my 4.65 miles today w/incline in 1hr.10min. then went on a short walk around the park with my aunt that is visting from TX.... After that we went out for a nice lunch and had a great talk...:0)

Old Flexie:0) photo>>>
New Flexie:0) photo>>>>
Thanx for looking, reflections:0)
P.S. Gram came home from the hospital Sun. and she is doing well....:0))))


ThatOtherSharon said...

SERIOUSLY?!?!? Incredible change. You go, girl, you're looking great!!!

Glad to hear your gram's doing well; keep us posted.

Linda M. said...

I can tell a difference, Flexie.


Penny said...

I am still amazed by the difference! Way to go :) , you are doing brilliantly!!