Friday, March 6, 2009

How do you know what real love is?

I have known for years what real love is but, then there are days when it sneaks back up on you and warms your heart and every thing else... I got this card from my beloved for Valentines day but, he does not like his hand writing so, he did not want me to share it with all of you so, I told him that is was to sweet and cute not to share... What do you think does this man love me or, what? He knows just how I see myself and he really knows how to make my day... I wish that I looked that good BTW.... But, to see what you look like through your mans eyes means a lot to a wife...:0) Please do not send me bad posts he meant this with love and that is they way it was received as well.... After I have lost more weight I will look that good I hope if not he can draw my body new with prismas any time...:0) Goodness I love that man more every single day...:0)

The front reads..."Love Always"
The inside reads... "Happy Valentines Day Your Sexy and Beautiful Love ...."



Linda M. said...


You should see my post on my 365Blog what Don made me...a certificate of love.

You have a keeper, Flexie!!!

Linda M. said...

It's my March 4 post.

Lyneen said...

This card is sooo sweet... and to think he took the time to make it for you!!!!! HORRAY for your DH!!!!!