Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where are you now!

Family and the treadmill have been on the top of my list the last few months and the seem to be staying put for a bit yet... I have had some time to make a few things and color image R.A.K.'d to me but, not a lot of time to post them to my blog... As soon as I can I will be back in the swing of it... I got a touch of the blues for a while as well...:0) I hope that they stay away...:0)

Next week is a normal work week then the following I will have short week because, my sister has a spinal cord tumor removed and I want to be with her... She had one ten years ago but, it was only the size of her pinkie nail now this new one is the size of her pinkie... She is a bit freaked, as we all are... I am just trying to stay strong for her and her family... The following week I have taken off work to be with her when she is home so that my BIL can still work and not worry as much about her being by her self all day... It is nice to work for myself because, I can do this sorta thing and all my clients understand that family always comes first... As they all feel the same way...

I will be taking the last few images that I have stamped and have had R.A.K.'d to me, to the hospital with me for something to do... Last time it took all day and I was going out of my mind the book did not help one bit but, coloring always helps me relax... Then the following week I may need more images for so that I can color when she sleeps during the day... I would clean but, I know her cleaning lady and that house is going to be clean and I would do the laundry but, that lady will have it done... LOL I am that lady...:0))))

I guess that I deep clean best under stress because, this week I am cleaning my carpets at home that means everything moves around and gets cleaned... I hope I find enough time to stamp a few image for the following week... I always do this run and run and then I am too tired to think about what is getting to me really... This is the way I deal with it all...:0)

Then in September I become a great auntie... Well, lets face it I am already a great aunt (LOL) but, my sister and BIL's oldest is having her first baby... She and her husband are ready with the room and all the goodies now comes the jump in with both feet and swim for your life part... :0) I am sure that they will be fine with the family support coming from both sides...

Thanx, for coming back and checking in as well as all the E-mails but, truly I am okay... :0) It is nice to be missed tho...:0)


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Linda M. said...

Good to see you back, Flexie.

I am keeping your sister in my prayers. Pls let us know how she does. I am glad that you are there for her. Just knowing that you are waiting there for her is comforting.