Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carpet cleaning...

Carpet in the living room is now clean and the cat and dog dislike me because, they had to stay in there kenels and not be in the living room today... It only took about four hours to move every thing out vaccum and then steam clean let it all dry and move every thing back in by myself.... I work better at doing these sorta things when my DH is at work... I want to clean the hall way and the bed room this weekend while he works...

The cat and dog will hate me for sure...LOL

Meet Tiburon, age 8 or 9 >>>>>
and yes she is in a paper bag...LOL
she is named after a shark because she bites when she wants somthing...:0)

Meet Ruger, age 12 and half >>>>>>


Nancy Maxwell James said...

awwwww! your kitty looks like mine! I bet they are greatful for clean carpet too! Our cat Baxter always runs and hides when the vaccum is out - he has issues with it! LOL

Linda M. said...

What cuties, Flexie!

My other cats that I have had love to be in paper bags or boxes.

Indy, the cat that I have now, does not like bags or boxes. He does love boxes, but to bite into the edges and tear them up though!!