Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Shower gift wrap!

Baby Shower gift holder! Altered wine box from Safeway store.

I am a housekeeper and seen this by one of my clients back doors ready to go to be recycled and the idea just popped into my head, I asked her if I could have it and she said sure... It was a gift this weekend for a friends baby shower. I figured it gave a fresh new look to the old bag and wrapped gift.

I got to thinking these would be fabulous for any gift really like get well, thinking of you, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day and Easter. It puts a whole new spin on the gift's they could be filled with candy and movie tickets, coffee cups, coffee and coffee cards, tools and T-shirts and so much more the possibilities are endless. And because you put whatever patterned paper you want on the outside the themes are so endless and if you are not a crafter with patterned paper I think fabric, gift wrap, comics or just plan old news paper would work as well.

With this box I only used two full 12x12 sheet of patterned paper to cover the printing on the box. All the first cuts where made with a paper trimmer.
I used my 3M tape runner to adhere the paper an a pair of scissors to cut down the paper where the box angled then just fold it out ran some tape on the papers under side and folded it back in sticking it down. I then wrapped ribbon around the middle, made a charm to add to the bow and it was ready.
I emptied out the box to alter it also I cut the center hadle flap off so I do not have to bend it up when a carried it.

This box is meant to carry six bottle's of wine so the can hold a few items that have weight to them without ripping but if you are worried don't carry it by the handle support it from the underside.

I cut down a 12 pack egg carton to a six pack because the socks came in a ten pack. I just used the other four pairs to make rolled rose's and tied them with curling ribbon for easy removal.
I rolled four receiving blanket's for larger rose's and stuck the socks in around them that I had rolled.

The hanging chain off the handle says <3baby a="" added="" also="" and="" as="" baby="" bag="" chain="" cut="" diaper="" down="" final="" first="" for="" gift="" great="" handle="" hanging="" hearts.="" i="" in="" it="" key="" long="" look="" meant="" mommy="" nbsp="" of="" off="" or="" p="" photo="" s="" set="" the="" was="" well.="" would="" zipper="">
If you have any questions fell free to ask me. Thank you for stopping by.

Charm I made for her to take off the box and wear it on her nurses uniform after so goes back to work.
If I had known the babies name I would have put her initials on it as well and a once born we can do this along with a mini photo of the baby.

Baby buggy found on Pinterest

My friend had one of these in her baby's room a few years ago I loved the idea so I tried to redo it here. I used paint sample's from the store for the pink squares and used flowers to cover the names and the numbers on them. Again I did not know the baby's name so I put the families last name.

All in all I think it turned out great and made a nice gift bag.

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