Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Really were does time go I think it slips away when we really are not looking or are way to busy to see it slipping. in two days I will have another birthday along with a cousin she happens to be one year younger than I am. We have this little thing we do to see whom will call the other first to wish the other a Happy Birthday and you would think being I get up hours later than she because of the time zones she would win always but, it really is not so...LOL

We had a a awesome Christmas we spent the eve. of it with my sister and her family as well as her in-laws. We had a great dinner of prime rib with all the fixings followed by some really good laughs. Then we watched the littlest two open gifts followed by there family and the in-laws doing gage gifts and a gift exchange as well. Then my beloved went home because he had to work Christmas day so i stayed the night and enjoyed watching my sister 10 year old and her 3 year old grand daughter open there Santa gifts the next morning. Oh there oldest, her husband, my sister, brother in-law and I all had gifts as well to open. It was great fun followed by the tradition of sausage, egg and cheese burritos for breakfast. Then my beloved got done at work in the afternoon and he came to join us for a bit (and gifts for him) before we headed home.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with many new memories added.

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