Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on my niece.

This is my niece that has cancer not my sister, my sister is her mom.

My niece is doing well, she is feeling a little icky and thinks it maybe a cold. She is staying in the RV in my sisters in the driveway because, of the radioactive iodine she of course can not be around anyone. I know she misses her husband and baby. But, my sis. her mom is taking food and movies out to the RV for her and she took her some cold meds as well. Poor kid I hope that she does not have a cold on top of being alone for cancer treatment that would suck but, I would bet she will get all the rest she needs to get over it faster. We went over there last night to visit with my sis and her husband and when we left we flashed our head lights at the RV and she raised the blinds and waved at us. I smiled and waved back and blew kisses to her.

Thank you, for the well wishes...


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Teresa said...

Oh Flexie.... hope she gets better soon! Can we mail her a card or anything?? PM me at SH your address if I can mail a card to her!