Monday, June 15, 2009

neck pain go away!

I went in to see the doctor about the neck pain for my follow up and the films (X-rays) they took... The long and the short of it are as follows... The abnormality is very small shifting in the vertebra at C4an C5 is not enough to really worry about at this time and the neck is somewhat straightened but, that could be from the muscles being to tight from spasm's that they are pulling my neck straight... This is what the cause of all this pain has been because, when the muscles spasm's happen and everything is all inflamed then vertebra push on the nerves and then I get the burning and shooting pains down the back of my arm along with the neck pains from the spasm's... She told me that this can happen anytime again (really like this being the 6th time, I knew that. I was just worried they might have missed something from the other times) an that there really is not a lot that can be done for it other than try an ease the pain I am in... Still in some pain but, it is so much better than last week....

I am so very glad that it is nothing major....


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LindainNCtoo said...

Neck pain, Neck pain, Go away.
Come back some other day.
Flexie wants to go out and play.

( Sung to Rain, Rain, Go Away )

I sympathize with your neck pain, Flexie. I hope things will get easier. Neck exercises and ice packs help me a lot!!!