Friday, March 21, 2008

The Loot from the show..

Wow! Sorry, I got really busy this week at work and totally forgot to post the photos of the loot that I got at the stamp show over the weekend last weekend...:0)

Okay, here it is what I worked for, bought, and also got some free for being on the design team...

Yes, I got more alcohol inks, a.i. blender and a lot of u.m. rubber, EZmount and two very fun mounted stamps both coffee related...hehehehe Yes, the one is a Starbucks logo and the other is a coffee cup and if I mask the middle of the cup it will make a great Starbucks coffee cup card and gift card holder to come latter on...:0) And if you look closely at the photo you will also see other foodie relater stamps that came in a sheet.... It has Pepsi , Coke and many others that might come in hand some day, I found them cute and bought them....:0)

Yes, one of the new stamps has ink on it... I made a card before I went to the show for Amy's collection and it had a computer sentiment on it and we swapped it out for a rubber one to help sell more of the rubber... So, Amy told me to take the stamp home with me...:0)

BTW, my craft counter still looks this way I have done nothing with it this week...:0( Sad I know I need to get busy mounting this new rubber on to EZmount, I may not have bought enough EZ.... TFL


Penny said...

Wow, that's loot alright!! What a lot of lovely stamps - can't wait to see what you make with them - I hope you get some time to ink them up this weekend!

ThatOtherSharon said...

Looks like fun.

How about a tutorial on using Alcohol Inks??? I read a little book they had a Hobby Lobby, but I still don't understand why I need that applicator, blending solution, etc.

And what exactly does EZMount do???

Looks like lotsa fun and SHOPPING. Sounds like the perfect day to me!!!


KardKrazy said...

Oh,my goodness.....what a load! Wish I could see the stamps a little better:(

Linda M. said...

I love EZ Mount.......Sharon, it provides foam backing to the unmounted stamps and a "cling back" surface that will cling to acrylic blocks so you can stamp with them. It is a permanent backing, but you store your stamps in CD cases. No wood blocks to mount them on.

What a LOOT!!!!!

Yes, I need a tutorial on alcohol inks. I love the look, but never invested in them--- yet!!

Memawsboy said...

I agree WHAT A HAUL! Can't wait to see loads od new pictures.

liannallama said...

oh, you got some super things! You will be making so many lovely things!