Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How do you display...

How do you diplay your Christmas cards? I love to look at all the cards I get during the holidays but, I always wonder how do others display the cards they get... I was just taking them down and thought I would show you what I have done for years now to display my cards...

If you stagger them just right so that the next one down is just touching the one above it will keep them closed...

I like the ribbon in the center to be just a little shorter... If I run out of room on the ribbons then I put them on top of the entertainment center.... TFL

Here is what I do... A door, a little ribbon, tacks and paperclips.
Inside of the card>>>
Back view>>>

Fold ribbon and tack it to the top of the door.. P.S. Sorry, the third photo was upside down at first...hehehe I fixed it...:0))))


Sue McGettigan said...

That looks like a good system - mine are usually propped up all over the flat surfaces in the house - yours look better :)

ThatOtherSharon said...


The first year we were married -- and living in a one bedroom apartment -- I taped them to the back of our front door in the shape of a tree because we didn't have one.

I tried various and sundry other methods over the year, and finally made an organizer from a McCall's pattern (also in the shape of a tree). Now I'm even too lazy to dig that out, and they all go in a little basket on my desk.

Next year I'm DOING Christmas. Hold me to that resolution, OK???


Godelieve said...

This is a wonderful idea!
Happy New Year!

Linda M. said...

This year with everything that happened around Christmas, our cards stayed in a pile.

We usually hang a line ( like a clothesline ) made of thin twine across our living room to "hang" our cards. We also have them on the mantle and the tables in living room, too.

At last count, we had 70 cards.

I do see "my" card on your door.

I like your idea, Flexie.

Next question: what do you do with your cards after taking them down?